The MADE IN GREEN by Oeko-Tex® label symbolizes a commitment to sustainable production, offering a unified mark that signifies environmentally friendly manufacturing, social responsibility, safe work environments, and materials free from harmful substances. This label ensures consumers that their products come from facilities that prioritize ecological and ethical standards.

Key features of the MADE IN GREEN label include:
  • Environmental and Social Integrity: Products bearing the MADE IN GREEN label are produced in facilities that embrace eco-friendly practices and uphold the highest standards of social responsibility and workplace safety.
  • Safety and Transparency: It guarantees that the materials used have undergone rigorous testing for harmful substances, offering peace of mind to consumers.

Criteria for the MADE IN GREEN label:
  • Products must be certified as free from harmful substances.
  • Production facilities must achieve certification under STeP by OEKO-TEX®*, ensuring sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes.
  • The materials must come from certified sources.

Benefits of the MADE IN GREEN label:
  • Enhanced Transparency: Offers a clear way to communicate a company’s commitment to responsible practices to consumers.
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility: STeP certification of production facilities ensures eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing, helping companies to easily share their commitment with stakeholders.
  • Economic Advantages: Ensures sustainability and social responsibility, which can lead to more efficient production processes, cost savings, and a stronger position in the global market.
  • Consumer Protection and Compliance: Certifying products according to STANDARD 100 ensures legal compliance and offers effective consumer protection.

The MADE IN GREEN label by Oeko-Tex® is not just a mark of quality and safety; it is a testament to a brand's commitment to sustainability, ethical production, and transparency, offering tangible benefits to both the planet and the bottom line. See the certified NXG™ range here.