Safe Work Australia release welding fumes update

  • Welding fumes
The workplace exposure standard (WES) for welding fumes (not otherwise classified) has been reduced from 5 mg/m3 to 1 mg/m3.
  • Who is at risk of exposure to welding fumes? 
Workers undertaking welding processes are at risk of exposure to welding fumes. However, other persons at the workplace may also be exposed to welding fumes.
  • What is the WES for total welding fumes? 
The WES for welding fumes represents the concentration of total welding fumes within a worker’s breathing zone. Workers must not be exposed to levels of total welding fumes greater than 1 mg/m3 over an eight-hour working day, based on a five-day working week.
  • Why has the WES for total welding fumes changed? 
WHS ministers have agreed to an immediate reduction to the WES for welding fumes from an eight-hour time weighted average of 5 mg/m3 to 1 mg/m3. The reduction will better protect workers from the adverse health effects associated with welding fumes, such as lung cancer.
The Skytec 3030V  meets the new WES requirement.
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