NXG gloves are now all BSI certified to new 2020 Australian Glove Standards

By certifying with BSI, Safety Mate demonstrates to users of our NXG gloves, that they not only use industry-respected best practices but also choose to work with the organisation that developed many of these standards. As a highly trusted global regulator, BSI tests products against industry recognised standards. In a world where safety is of […]

A new standard for improving mental health in the workplace

There’s a new standard for managing risk at work. And it’s all about ensuring the psychological health and wellbeing of our workforce. ISO 45003 is due to be published in 2021 and will provide frameworks for organisations to effectively understand and manage employee mental health. Mental health in the workplace The COVID-19 pandemic, among other […]

Hand Hygiene

How clean are your new safety gloves? Did you know gloves can be exposed to contaminants during the manufacturing process if a factory doesn’t prioritise cleanliness in production? Every component is tested for harmful substances to ensure your workers’ health is protected.  The Sanitized® anti-microbial treatment is a further step to ensure your workers’ health […]


It’s time to level up! NXG’s CUT D LITE is the new benchmark for cut resistant gloves. The NXG™ Cut D Lite stands above the crowd and represents outstanding value for money. It is also one of the very few high level cut resistant gloves, that features touchscreen compatibility for modern workplaces, so workers don’t […]