Extended wear of SW disposable nitrile gloves

Overview   SW® continues to make investments in manufacturing, hand health technologies, and testing processes to provide high quality performance products that alleviate the issues associated with wearing single-use gloves. This enables us to raise the bar of single-use nitrile glove expectations. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in PPE shortages and significant price increases. Recently, SW […]

SU Glove Biodegradability Testing Methods

More businesses are focused on providing environmentally friendly products, and consumers are educating themselves about the companies they support. By Cheryl Reep View article on OH&S Online In the past year, my colleagues and I at SW® have seen a growing interest and commitment to the environment at both the business and consumer levels. More […]

Global Disposable Glove market outlook for Q4 2020 – Q&A with SW

As we are entering the fourth quarter of this incredibly challenging and dynamic year, we have asked Celia Bu, SW Procurement Manager, and Catherine Tang, SW Global Customer Care Logistic Manager, to discuss the questions that their teams are receiving from our customers. What is the status of the market today? CATHERINE: At the beginning […]